Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

ship-components-grid - React masonry grid

generator-react-redux-express - A generator with react,redux,mocha,express,es6

riot - A React-like, user interface library

react-highlight.js - A simple React wrapper around the Highlight.js library

awesome-webpack - A curated list of awesome Webpack resources, libraries and tools

advanced-boilerplate - A NodeJS V6 Universal React Boilerplate with an Amazing Developer Experience.

react-universally-skinny - A "when size matters" adaptation of the react-universally boilerplate.

react-universally - A starter kit giving you the minimum requirements for a production ready universal react application.

webpack-dashboard - A CLI dashboard for webpack dev server

Progressive-Web-App-Loading - Progressive Loading for React + Webpack applications

highland-node - Mix Highlands.js with Node.js streams and run it in the browser with Webpack

feathers-webpack-react - Simple Boilerplate to get you started with Feathersjs, React, and Webpack

motion - A nice CLI for React projects

A simpler way to compile React applications

create-react-app - Create React apps with no build configuration.

webpack-hot-server-example - Webpack Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Example with Express

reactpack - :package: build your react apps with one command and one npm i.

stylus-loader - :art: A stylus loader for webpack.

react-native-webpack-starter-kit - :herb: Build your React Native app with Webpack and Babel

atrament.js - Tiny JS library for beautiful drawing and handwriting on the HTML Canvas.

react-fa - Font Awesome icons as React components

shortid - Short id generator. Url-friendly. Non-predictable. Cluster-compatible.

react-express-starter - Yet another starting point for creating React apps. Uses React Router, Webpack, HMR, PostCSS & Express.

searchkit - React UI components / widgets. The easiest way to build a great search experience with Elasticsearch.

mern-starter - Boilerplate for getting started with MERN stack

feathers-react-redux - Unofficial Feathers bindings for React-Redux

WebpackTutorial - A simple webpack tutorial

npm-install-webpack-plugin - Speed up development by automatically installing & saving dependencies with Webpack.

assets-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin that emits a json file with assets paths

login-flow - :key: A login/register flow built with React&Redux

universal-redux-template - A clean, extensible react + redux boilerplate with universal/isomorphic rendering, testing and more

react-web - A framework for building web apps with React Native compatible API.

react-transform-hmr - A React Transform that enables hot reloading React classes using Hot Module Replacement API

react-redux-router-crud-boilerplate - Another redux example build on react transform boilerplate

redux-blog-example - Full-featured example with Redux, React-Router, JWT auth and CSS Modules.

font-awesome-webpack - font-awesome package for webpack

bootstrap-sass-loader - Webpack Loader for the Sass version Twitter Bootstrap

redux-react-router-async-example - A showcase of the Redux architecture with React Router

react-fullstack-skeleton - A minimal React fullstack skeleton featuring hot reloading and a backend api server.

Contribute to redux500 development by creating an account on GitHub.

hapi-react-starter-kit - A hapi React Starter kit with react-router, redux, react-transform

react-webpack-rails-tutorial - Example of integration of Rails, react, redux, using the react_on_rails gem, webpack, enabling the es7 and jsx transpilers, and node integration. Live Demo:

webpack-react-es6-production-optimization - Optimize Webpack + React + ES6 + Babel app production build file size

webpack-bundle-size-analyzer - A tool for finding out what contributes to the size of Webpack bundles

isomorphic-react-relay-boilerplate - Starter template for React with focus on simplicity!

relay-skeleton - React, Relay, GraphQL project skeleton

express-webpack-asset - Express middleware to load hashed webpack assets

babel-loader - Webpack plugin for Babel

react - From apprentice to master (CC BY-NC-ND)

html-webpack-plugin - Simplifies creation of HTML files to serve your webpack bundles

webpack - From apprentice to master (CC BY-NC-ND)

react-lite - an implementation of React that optimizes for small script size

generator-react-webpack - Yeoman generator for ReactJS and Webpack

browserify-rails - Browserify + Rails = CommonJS Heaven or a path off of the Rails asset pipeline...

electron-react-boilerplate - Live editing development on desktop app

universal-redux - An npm package that lets you jump right into coding React and Redux with universal (isomorphic) rendering. Only manage Express setups or Webpack configurations if you want to.

react_on_rails - Integration of React + Webpack + Rails to build Universal (Isomorphic) Apps

webpack-dev-middleware - Offers a dev middleware for webpack, which arguments a live bundle to a directory

pug-loader - Pug loader module for Webpack

webpack-isomorphic-tools - Server-side rendering for your Webpack-built applications (e.g. React)

webpack-express-boilerplate - A boilerplate for running a Webpack workflow in Node express

isomorphic500 - A 500px app built with React and Fluxible with babeljs

react-isomorphic-boilerplate - My attempt at providing an isomorphic React app

fullstack-react - A simple, full-stack JavaScript single page app featuring React, Webpack, and Falcor

reactGo - Your One-Stop solution for a full-stack universal Redux App!

meteor-webpack-react - Meteor/React skeleton with full ES6/import support on client and server thanks to Webpack

gatsby - Transform plain text into dynamic blogs and websites using React.js

react-static-boilerplate - Boilerplate and tooling for web application development based on React (ReactJS), Redux, Babel, Webpack, CSS Modules, PostCSS, Browsersync, React Hot Loader and optimized for CDN hosting in Firebase

react-universal-starter - Quick start an Universal (isomorphic) React App

kickstart - Kickstart project for Webpack with Meteor and React

react-transform-boilerplate - A new Webpack boilerplate with hot reloading React components, and error handling on module and component level.

generator-react-flux - Reacjs - Flux - Webpack - Hot loader

boilerplate-webpack-react - Boilerplate project for Reactjs with webpack, gulp and stylus

react-webpack-boilerplate - Simple production ready boilerplate for React, Webpack (using Babel 6, SASS and React hot reloading), tests (using Jest) and coverage.

webpack - A bundler for javascript and friends. Packs many modules into a few bundled assets. Code Splitting allows to load parts for the application on demand. Through "loaders," modules can be CommonJs, AMD, ES6 modules, CSS, Images, JSON, Coffeescript, LESS, ... and your custom stuff.

styling - Create CSS modules with the full power of JavaScript

react-redux-starter-kit - Get started with React, Redux, and React-Router!

react-redux-universal-hot-example - A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using express, react, redux, webpack, and react-transform

isomorphic-flux-react-react-router - isomorphic web app starter kit using redux, react, react router, hmr, webpack and postcss

react-native-webpack-server - Build React Native apps with Webpack

react-seed - Seed project for React apps using ES6 & webpack.

react-hot-loader - Tweak React components in real time.