Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

ramanujan - An example microservice system using Seneca, based on the example in Chapter 1 of The Tao of Microservices book

redux-entity - WIP. An abstraction layer around handling normalized entity storage and data fetching with redux

avatars-api - Adorable Avatar Service

sdk - libs & SDK

react-redux-form - Create forms easily in React with Redux.

WebGazer.js: Scalable Webcam EyeTracking Using User Interactions

nes - WebSocket adapter plugin for hapi routes

postgraphql - A GraphQL API created by reflection over a PostgreSQL schema.

jsonapify - Middleware for easy development of JSON-API compatible APIs

thinky-express-example - An example to showcase an absurdly simple and effective MVC framework with thinky, a RethinkDB ORM, and Express

authorized - Action based authorization middleware.

passport-http-bearer - HTTP Bearer authentication strategy for Passport and Node.js.

passwordless - node.js/express module to authenticate users without password

Contribute to firefeed development by creating an account on GitHub.

hapi-auth-basic - Basic authentication plugin

feathers-passport - [DEPRECATED] Feathers REST and websocket authentication with PassportJS

feathers-hooks - Before and after service method call hooks for easy authorization and processing

jest - JavaScriptational State Stasfer

jest - JavaScriptational State Stasfer


supermarked - marked with syntax highlighting and LaTeX maths support

strapi-frontend-example - Express.js server which works with strapi as backend

drywall - A website and user system (Express/Backbone)

redux-crud - A set of standard actions and reducers for Redux CRUD Applications

flux-react-router-example - A sample app showcasing Flux with React Router

graphql-mongodb-example - An example of Express and MongoDB with Relay and GraphQL working together

simple-relay-starter - A very simple starter for React Relay using Browserify

strapi-generate-users - Generate user features for your Strapi application.

thinkjs - Use full ES2015+ features to develop Node.js applications, Support TypeScript

express-paginate - Paginate middleware

templatizer - Simple solution for compiling jade templates into vanilla JS functions for blazin' fast client-side use.

passport-hash - Hash authentication strategy for Passport.

http-framework - A web framework based purely on require('http')

u2f - U2F Authentication for Node.js

passport-local-mongoose - Passport-Local Mongoose is a Mongoose plugin that simplifies building username and password login with Passport

lockit-sql-adapter - SQL adapter for lockit

lockit-mongodb-adapter - MongoDB adapter for lockit

lockit-couchdb-adapter - CouchDB adapter for lockit

passport - Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js.

jugglingdb - Multi-database ORM for nodejs: redis, mongodb, mysql, sqlite3, postgresql, arango, in-memory...

yieldb - Simple, expressive and yieldable MongoDB

koa-views - Template rendering middleware for koa

jquery-tips-everyone-should-know - A collection of tips to help up your jQuery game

meteor-rest - :sleeping: simple:rest - make your Meteor app accessible over HTTP and DDP alike

babel-plugin-typecheck - Static and runtime type checking for JavaScript in the form of a Babel plugin.

gmail-send - Minimalistic module to send email using GMail

react-router - A complete routing library for React

crown - Roll out features gradually

oz - Web Authorization Protocol

Telescope - An open-source social news app built with Meteor

lockit - Authentication solution for Express

socketio-auth - Authentication module for

React-Spreadsheet-Component - :clipboard: Spreadsheet Component for ReactJS

sails-auth - Passport-based User Authentication system for sails.js applications. Designed to work well with the sails-permissions module.

everyauth - node.js auth package (password, facebook, & more) for Connect and Express apps

kraken-example-with-passport - An example integrating kraken with passport authentication

Get user mentions from string or replace user mentions with something else

sails-police - Simple and flexible authentication workflows for sails applications

yarr - Yet Another React Router inspired by the Express router (~1200 bytes)

sails-permissions - Comprehensive user permissions and entitlements system for sails.js and Waterline. Supports user authentication with passport.js, role-based permissioning, object ownership, and row-level security.

visibilityjs - Wrapper for the Page Visibility API

notify.js - A handy wrapper for the Web Notifications API