Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

Intern is a complete test system for JavaScript designed to help you write and run consistent, high-quality test cases for your JavaScript libraries and applications. It can be used to test any JavaScript code. It can even be used to test non-JavaScript Web and mobile apps, and to run tests written for other test systems.

If you’re into name-dropping, Intern gets used every day by teams at Twitter, Stripe, Mozilla, IBM, Marriott, Philips, Zenput, Alfresco, Esri, HSBC, ING, Intuit, and more. It’s also the testing framework of choice for growing numbers of open-source projects.

nodeunit - Easy unit testing in node.js and the browser, based on the assert module.

html2canvas - Screenshots with JavaScript

seneca-mongo-store - Node.js Seneca data storage plugin for MongoDB

sequelize-relay - A thin wrapper for sequelize and graphql-relay-js

json-schema-benchmark - Benchmarks for Node.js JSON-schema validators

jugglingdb - Multi-database ORM for nodejs: redis, mongodb, mysql, sqlite3, postgresql, arango, in-memory...

slush-react-express - Generator for quickly starting up a node/express project that uses react.

ContentTools - A JS library for building WYSIWYG editors for HTML content.

aqua - A website and user system (Hapi/React/Flux)

gemini - Utility for regression testing of web pages using screenshots