Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

A powerful high-level API design language for web APIs.

riot - A React-like, user interface library - Level up your programming skills.

not-awesome-es6-classes - A curated list of resources on why ES6 (aka ES2015) classes are NOT awesome

rethinkdb-websocket-server - Node.js WebSocket server that proxies to RethinkDB. Supports query validation.

generator-feathers-plugin - A Yeoman generator for creating a FeathersJS plugin.

supermarked - marked with syntax highlighting and LaTeX maths support

gulp-jsvalidate - Validate JavaScript code and report possible syntax errors

stylefmt is a tool that automatically formats stylesheets.

node-cron - Cron for NodeJS.

intl-messageformat - Format a string with placeholders, including plural and select support to create localized messages.

gulp-task-loader - Organize your gulp-tasks in separate files

meteor-react-example - Skeletal example app showing how to integrate Meteor and React with some basic user management

prism - Lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting.

postcss - Transforming styles with JS plugins

react-highlight - React component for syntax highlighting

react-style - Maintainable styling for React.js components [not actively maintained anymore]

sublime-react - Sublime Text helpers for React. Syntax highlighting DEPRECATED in favor of babel/babel-sublime

slim - Slim is a template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to the essential parts without becoming cryptic.