Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

Soundcloud tracks and playslists in modern browsers with HTML5 Audio API

node-rate-limiter - A generic rate limiter for node.js. Useful for API clients, web crawling, or other tasks that need to be throttled

react-metrics-graphics - A React Component for MetricsGraphics.js

ship-components-grid - React masonry grid

slate-auto-replace-text - A Slate plugin to automatically replace a string of matching text when typed.

slate-collapse-on-escape - A Slate plugin that simply collapses the selection on escape.

slate-paste-linkify - A Slate plugin that wraps a selection in an inline link element when a URL is pasted from the clipboard.

slate-soft-break - A Slate plugin to add soft breaks on return.

slate-drop-or-paste-images - A Slate plugin that inserts images on drop or paste.

slate-auto-replace - A Slate plugin to automatically transform certain input.

metascraper - Easily scrape metadata from articles on the web using Open Graph metadata, regular HTML metadata, and series of fallbacks.

react-quill - A Quill component for React.

slate-wrapped-block-plugin - A Slate plugin to wrap a custom block component around the selected block by condition.

pomelo - A fast,scalable,distributed game server framework for Node.js.

co-rethinkdb - Generator/Promise based querying goodness for RethinkDB

co-redis - A node-redis wrapper to be used with visionmedia's co library

hash.js - Hash functions in pure javascript

bricklayer - Lightweight and independent Pinterest-like cascading grid layout library

socketcluster-client - JavaScript client for SocketCluster

casual - Fake data generator for javascript

stats - JavaScript source statistics with simple API & CLI written with node.js

rediskit - Collection of Redis backed data structures for nodejs, including the primitives (List, Hash, Queue, etc)

log.js - super light-weight nodejs logging + streaming log reader

sc-redis - Redis adapter for SocketCluster

node-postgres - PostgreSQL client for node.js.

chateau - Another (awesome) data explorer for RethinkDB - remote monitoring and debugging for

jsonOdm - A JSON ODM (object document mapper) for JavaScript to use on the server or in the browser.

node-sha1 - a native js function for hashing messages with the SHA-1 algorithm

firebase-server - Simple Firebase Server (Web Socket)

co-mongo - A mongodb wrapper that plays nicely with co.

Mention.js - Lightweight wrapper for adding @user mention functionality to Twitter Bootstraps Typeahead plugin

universal-i18n - Universal localization toolkit

node-aws-lambda - A module help you automate AWS lambda function deployment.

hapi-react-starter-kit - A hapi React Starter kit with react-router, redux, react-transform

filestream - W3C File Reader API streaming interfaces

node-migrate - Abstract migration framework for node

Contribute to mongo-migrate development by creating an account on GitHub.

Split.js - Lightweight, unopinionated utility for adjustable split views

rnpm - :iphone: React Native Package Manager - Real-time multiplayer game server based on Node + Express + SocketIO + MongoDB + ElasticSearch

seneca - A client library for accessing Seneca micro services from Go

mojs - motion graphics toolbelt for the web

anchor - Javascript object validation based on

hippie - End-to-end API testing made easy

diet - A tiny, fast and modular node.js web framework. Good for making fast & scalable apps and apis.

chai - BDD / TDD assertion framework for node.js and the browser that can be paired with any testing framework.

antimoderate - The progressive image loading library for great good!

passport-hash - Hash authentication strategy for Passport.

express-debug - Debug toolbar middleware for developing applications in express (node.js)

express-messages - Express flash notification message rendering

lockit-template-blank - blank email template for lockit-sendmail

lockit-couchdb-adapter - CouchDB adapter for lockit

jugglingdb - Multi-database ORM for nodejs: redis, mongodb, mysql, sqlite3, postgresql, arango, in-memory...

prerender-node - Express middleware for prerendering javascript-rendered pages on the fly for SEO

express-flash - Flash Messages for your Express Application

express-useragent - NodeJS user-agent middleware

dynamics.js - Javascript library to create physics-based animations

elasticsearch-streams - Stream in and out of Elasticsearch

express-restify-mongoose - Easily restify mongoose databases

node-webshot - Easy website screenshots in Node.js

Contribute to development by creating an account on GitHub.

mongoose-validator - Validators for mongoose models utilising validator.js

Minimalistic deployment shell script

express-params - Express param pre-condition functions

express-mongoose - Plugin for easy rendering of Mongoose async Query results.

ws`: The fastest cross platform RFC-6455 WebSocket implementation for Node.js.

valid.js - A library for data validation.

node-mongoskin - The wrapper for node-mongodb-native.

stylus - Expressive, robust, feature-rich CSS language built for nodejs

generic-session - koa session store with memory, redis or others.

co-express - An express wrapper that enables generators to be used as middlewares - Realtime Micro Framework for Nodejs

node-feedparser - Robust RSS, Atom, and RDF feed parsing in Node.js

Make any Node ReadableStream emit "keypress" events

node-imagemagick - Imagemagick module for NodeJS - NEW MAINTAINER: @yourdeveloper

consolidate.js - Template engine consolidation library for node.js

pm2-gui - An elegant web & terminal interface for Unitech/PM2.

bluebird - :bird: :zap: Bluebird is a full featured promise library with unmatched performance.

express-promise - Middleware for easy rendering of async Query results.

flowchart.js - Draws simple SVG flow chart diagrams from textual representation of the diagram

amas - Awesome & Marvelous Amas

faker.js - generate massive amounts of fake data in Node.js and the browser

PathFinding.js - A comprehensive path-finding library for grid based games

validator.js - String validation and sanitization

agenda-ui - A UI to view Agenda jobs

gulp-git - Git plugin for gulp (

node-easyimage - Node.js module for image processing and manipulation

sails-mongo - MongoDB adapter for Sails.js

react-input-autosize - Auto-resizing input field for React

dploy - An FTP/SFTP deployment tool built in node.js.

sails-service-mailer - Service for Sails framework with Mailer features

sails-service-pusher - Service for Sails framework with Pusher features

sails-service-sms - Service for Sails framework with SMS features

sails-service-storage - Service for Sails framework with Storage features

sails-service-location - Service for Sails framework with Location features

BrowserRefresh-Sublime - This plugin will switch from ST2 and ST3 to Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Safari, Firefox or Opera and reload the active tab

rocket - Boilerplate for React and Backbone

generator-sails-rest-api - Yeoman generator for scaffolding Sails REST API with predefined features

ParseReact - Seamlessly bring Parse data into your React applications.

small-frontend - Small, a tiny clone of Medium. React + Flux frontend

yarr - Yet Another React Router inspired by the Express router (~1200 bytes)

tiny node.js & browser debugging utility for your libraries and applications

jQuery plugin to provide easy way to handle DOM elements by role attribute

jquery.scrollTo - Lightweight, cross-browser and highly customizable animated scrolling with jQuery

express-resource - Resourceful routing for Express

haml.js - Faster Haml JavaScript implementation for nodejs