Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

feathers-offline - Feathers offline client

is - Simple type checking.

Progressive-Web-App-Loading - Progressive Loading for React + Webpack applications

universal-redux-demo - Universal redux demo

Contribute to git_open_remote development by creating an account on GitHub.

co-render - Node.js template rendering for Co

d3-line - D3 line chart

passport-rethinkdb-tutorial - A short, simple repo to explain how to use passport OAuth with RethinkDB.

feathers-demos - Feathers demos and example code.

feathers-socket-commons - Shared functionality for websocket providers

fly-stylus - Fly plugin for Stylus

strapi-studio - The official open-source repository of the Strapi Studio.

pluralize-ru - Pluralization of Russian words

faker-ru - Faker.js extention. Generates data in Russian.

Contribute to react-redux-test development by creating an account on GitHub.

react_forms_example - Complete forms example using React and Rails

universal-redux-starter - Minimal starter for using universal-redux npm package

strapi-generate-email - Generate the default email features for a Strapi application.

strapi-generate-upload - Generate the default upload features for a Strapi application.

strapi-generate-users - Generate user features for your Strapi application.

resource for managing users ( signups / logins / etc.. ) - download statistics for npm packages

co-monk - MongoDB generator goodness for node.js

response-time - X-Response-Time middleware

humanize-url - Humanize a URL: →

cli-loader - An easy and simple loading effect for cli.

hello-react-meteor - Learning Some React with Proper Meteor Integration (Routing, SSR)

golang-book - An Introduction to programming in Go

stylobate - Stylobate

stylobate-islands - ...