Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

slate-collapse-on-escape - A Slate plugin that simply collapses the selection on escape.

slate-soft-break - A Slate plugin to add soft breaks on return.

hash.js - Hash functions in pure javascript

bricklayer - Lightweight and independent Pinterest-like cascading grid layout library

rediskit - Collection of Redis backed data structures for nodejs, including the primitives (List, Hash, Queue, etc)

antimoderate - The progressive image loading library for great good!

express-messages - Express flash notification message rendering

lockit-template-blank - blank email template for lockit-sendmail

co-express - An express wrapper that enables generators to be used as middlewares

bluebird - :bird: :zap: Bluebird is a full featured promise library with unmatched performance.

agenda-ui - A UI to view Agenda jobs

small-frontend - Small, a tiny clone of Medium. React + Flux frontend