Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

apollo-server - GraphQL server for Express, Connect, HAPI and Koa, written in TypeScript

redux-entity - WIP. An abstraction layer around handling normalized entity storage and data fetching with redux

fast-json-stringify - 5x faster than JSON.stringify()

feathers-hooks-validate-joi - Feathers hook utility for schema validation, sanitization and client notification using Joi.

validated - Validate your configurations with precise error messages

postgraphql - A GraphQL API created by reflection over a PostgreSQL schema.

react-jsonschema-form - A React component for building Web forms from JSONSchema.

feathers-validate-hook - Feathers hook for validate json-schema with is-my-json-valid

thinky-express-example - An example to showcase an absurdly simple and effective MVC framework with thinky, a RethinkDB ORM, and Express

typoscope - A runtime type schema validator for compound Javascript objects & arrays


understanding-json-schema - A website aiming to provide more accessible documentation for JSON schema.

jjv - Javascript Library for Schema Validation

jsen - JSON-Schema validator built for speed

tv4 - Tiny Validator for JSON Schema v4

z-schema - JSON Schema validator written in JavaScript for NodeJS and Browsers

revalidator - A cross-browser / node.js validator powered by JSON Schema

feathers-knex - Service adapters for KnexJS a query builder for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle and SQLite3

mongoosastic - Index Mongoose models into elasticsearch automatically

mongoose-unique-validator is a plugin which adds pre-save validation for unique fields within a Mongoose schema.

is-my-json-valid - A JSONSchema validator that uses code generation to be extremely fast

validate - Validate nested object properties in javascript

Iridium - A high performance MongoDB ORM for Node.js

mongoose-bcrypt - Mongoose plugin adding field(s) encrypted with bcrypt-nodejs

mers - Mongoose Express Rest Service

redux-orm - A small, simple and immutable ORM to manage relational data in your Redux store.

async-validate - Asynchronous object validation

relay-starter-kit - Barebones starting point for a Relay application.

relay-todomvc - Relay TodoMVC with routing

graphql-mongodb-example - An example of Express and MongoDB with Relay and GraphQL working together

adrenaline - Simple Relay alternative

language-graphql - GraphQL support for Atom text editor

graph.ql - Faster and simpler technique for creating and querying GraphQL schemas

relay-skeleton - React, Relay, GraphQL project skeleton

simple-relay-starter - A very simple starter for React Relay using Browserify

learning-graphql - An attempt to learn GraphQL

graphql-bookshelf - Some help defining GraphQL schema around BookshelfJS models

graffiti-mongoose - Mongoose (MongoDB) adapter for graffiti (Node.js GraphQL ORM)

awesome-graphql - Awesome list of GraphQL & Relay

express-graphql - Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Express.

resource engine for javascript

ajv - The fastest JSON schema Validator. Supports v5 proposals

mschema - A schema language for defining the structure of JSON data

dreamjs - A lightweight json data generator.

waterline-schema - This is the core schema builder used in the Waterline ORM.

mongoose-paginate - Mongoose.js (Node.js & MongoDB) Document Query Pagination

mongoose-acl - Mongoose ACL

jugglingdb - Multi-database ORM for nodejs: redis, mongodb, mysql, sqlite3, postgresql, arango, in-memory...

koa-graphql - Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Koa.

meteor-autoform - AutoForm is a Meteor package that adds UI components and helpers to easily create basic forms with automatic insert and update events, and automatic reactive validation.

meteor-collection2 - A Meteor package that extends Mongo.Collection to provide support for specifying a schema and then validating against that schema when inserting and updating.

graphql-js - A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript

relay-starter-kit - Barebones starting point for a Relay application.

joi - Object schema validation

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mongoose - MongoDB object modeling designed to work in an asynchronous environment.

Winterfell - Generate complex, validated and extendable JSON-based forms in React.

graphiql - An in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL.

sails-migrations - The missing, migrations, arm of the octopus

react-forms - Forms library for React.