Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

trails - :evergreen_tree: Modern Web Application Framework for Node.js.

marlinspike - Superpowers for your Sails.js Hooks.

sails-hook-dev - A Sails hook that provides diagnostic / debugging information during development.

sails-generate-views-jade - Generate default views for a Sails app using Jade templates

sails-hook-email - Sails email hook

sails-generate-frontend - Generate the frontend part of a new Sails app.

waterline-docs - Public Documentation for Waterline

sails-isomorphic-react-admin-example - a Sails application with isomorphic and a separate administration(automatic & extendable)

sails-generate-reactjs - A generator to create a new ReactJS web platform powered by Sails

waterlock - User authentication and json web token handling for Sails

sails-hook-acl - Sails hook that implements ACL that don't tight with session or databases and easy configurable

isomorphic-sails-react-example - An isomorphic Sails React Example with simple dispatcher and blueprint component

sails-auth - Passport-based User Authentication system for sails.js applications. Designed to work well with the sails-permissions module.

sails-generate-isoreact - A isomorph reactjs generator for use with the Sails command-line interface

generator-sails-rest-api - Yeoman generator for scaffolding Sails REST API with predefined features

treeline - CLI tool for working with your Sails apps and machinepacks in Treeline.

sails-migrations - The missing, migrations, arm of the octopus

sails-docs - This is the source markdown files for the official Sails.js documentation, which get compiled, squeezed, and stretched into HTML when we deploy the Sails website.

sails-permissions - Comprehensive user permissions and entitlements system for sails.js and Waterline. Supports user authentication with passport.js, role-based permissioning, object ownership, and row-level security.

sails - Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js