Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

feathers-graphql - [Experimental] A GraphQL adapter for Feathers

feathers-generator-templates - Application templates for feathers-generator

Contribute to feathers-stripe development by creating an account on GitHub. - Server middleware to power Handles signalling

feathers-hooks-collection - A collection of common hooks

nes - WebSocket adapter plugin for hapi routes

rx-react - ReactJS bindings for RxJS

lodash - A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras.

css-modules-require-hook - A require hook to compile CSS Modules in runtime

node-require-directory - Recursively iterates over specified directory, requiring each file, and returning a nested hash structure containing those libraries.

feathers-localstorage - A client side service based on feathers-memory that persists to LocalStorage

Contribute to feathers-action development by creating an account on GitHub.

feathers-logger - A little wrapper for convenient logging in feathers

feathers-passport - [DEPRECATED] Feathers REST and websocket authentication with PassportJS

feathers-mongodb - A mongodb service for feathers

feathers-mongoose - Easily create a Mongoose Service for Feathersjs.

Keep your code piping hot! Live code reloading without additional binaries

browserify-rails - Browserify + Rails = CommonJS Heaven or a path off of the Rails asset pipeline...

requireDir - Node.js helper to require() directories.

webpack-isomorphic-tools - Server-side rendering for your Webpack-built applications (e.g. React)

morgan - HTTP request logger middleware for node.js

basic-auth - blanket basic auth middleware

gulp - The streaming build system

grant - OAuth Middleware for Express, Koa and Hapi

node-browserify - browser-side require() the node.js way