Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

feathers-done-ssr - Use DoneJS Server-Side Rendering with Feathers JWT tokens.

react-ssr-benchmarks - Benchmarks comparing React's server rendering for versions 12--15

mobx-react-devtools - Tools to perform runtime analyses of React applications powered by MobX and React

react-howto - Your guide to the (sometimes overwhelming!) React ecosystem.

mithril-components - Components, mixins, patterns and sample code for mithril (lhorie/mithril.js)

mern-starter - Boilerplate for getting started with MERN stack

react-router-relay - Relay integration for React Router

p2.js - JavaScript 2D physics library

mobx - Simple, scalable state management.

isomorphic-redux-app - Redux app demonstrating isomorphic rendering and routing (with redux-devtools).

react_on_rails - Integration of React + Webpack + Rails to build Universal (Isomorphic) Apps

express-debug - Debug toolbar middleware for developing applications in express (node.js)

express-messages - Express flash notification message rendering

virtual-dom - A Virtual DOM and diffing algorithm

react-dom-stream - A streaming server-side rendering library for React.

express-react-views - This is an Express view engine which renders React components on server. It renders static markup and does not support mounting those views on the client.

isomorphic-lab - Isomorphic React experimentation

flow-router - Carefully Designed Client Side Router for Meteor

Winterfell - Generate complex, validated and extendable JSON-based forms in React.

react-autosuggest - WAI-ARIA compliant React autosuggest component

awesome-react - A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem.

awesome-react - A collection of awesome React libraries, resources and shiny things.

react-page-middleware - Connect/Express middleware to use React to generate whole websites

evil-blocks - Tiny framework for web pages to split your app to separated blocks