Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

Algorithms.js is a library that puts together JavaScript and basic Computer Science algorithms and data structures.

A curated list of awesome functional reactive programming stuff in js

medium-editor-custom-html - :negative_squared_cross_mark: An extension that inserts custom HTML using a new button in the Medium Editor toolbar

graphql-tools - :wrench: A collection of handy tools for manipulating GraphQL schemas

GitHunt-React - An example app with Apollo Client and React

react-apollo-starter-kit - A production-ready starter kit for making a React/Apollo application.

notes - Notes from the babel team

feathers-graphql - [Experimental] A GraphQL adapter for Feathers

feathers-offline - Feathers offline client

feathers-mongodb-service-example - Quick setup for feathers service

generator-react-redux-express - A generator with react,redux,mocha,express,es6

react-highlight.js - A simple React wrapper around the Highlight.js library

is - Simple type checking.

Trumbowyg - A lightweight and amazing WYSIWYG JavaScript editor - 20kB only

zenpen - A minimalist writing zone.

react-universally-skinny - A "when size matters" adaptation of the react-universally boilerplate.

Progressive-Web-App-Loading - Progressive Loading for React + Webpack applications

auto-bind - Automatically bind methods to their class instance

highland-node - Mix Highlands.js with Node.js streams and run it in the browser with Webpack

potemkin - Simple one-time note service

feathers-webpack-react - Simple Boilerplate to get you started with Feathersjs, React, and Webpack

list.js - The perfect library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to tables, lists and various HTML elements. Built to be invisible and work on existing HTML.

favico.js - Make use of your favicon with badges, images or videos

motion - A nice CLI for React projects

Multiple.js - Sharing background across multiple elements using CSS

js-aruco-markers - js aruco augmented reality makers

universal-redux-demo - Universal redux demo

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reactcss - :lipstick: Inline Styles in JS

css-in-js - React: CSS in JS techniques comparison.

webpack-hot-server-example - Webpack Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Example with Express

microlight - highlights code in any programming language

feathers-hooks-collection - A collection of common hooks

hash.js - Hash functions in pure javascript

nlp_compromise - a cool way to use natural language in javascript

realtime-web-technologies-guide - An open and maintained a list of realtime web technologies.

react-time - Component for React to render relative and/or formatted dates into HTML5 element

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socketio-wildcard - v1.x with a wildcard event

feathers-lambda - The Feathers AWS Lambda and API Gateway provider

react-express-starter - Yet another starting point for creating React apps. Uses React Router, Webpack, HMR, PostCSS & Express.

punt - Elegant UDP messaging for nodejs

co-render - Node.js template rendering for Co

react-click-outside - ClickOutside component for React.

d3-line - D3 line chart

feathers-rethinky - A FeathersJS Service Adaptor for thinkyJS.

pg-hstore - A node package for serializing and deserializing JSON data to hstore format

passport-rethinkdb-tutorial - A short, simple repo to explain how to use passport OAuth with RethinkDB.

json-formatter - Makes JSON/JSONP easy to read.

json-server-gui - GUI for json-server

jjsonviewer - Its a JSON Beautifier and Viewer jQuery plugin.

pretty-json - Simple library to render/format a JS obj to an HTML view.

start-app - DEPRECATED. Moved to elm-lang/html - A react mixin that syncs a component's state with deepstream

misojs - Isomorphic JavaScript framework using mithril

mithril-isomorphic - An attempt at making Mithril work both on the client and the server

mithril-node-render - Use mithril views to render server side

gulp-msx - Precompile Mithril views which use JSX into JavaScript

mithrilify - Browserify transform for converting Mithril view templates based on msx

understanding-json-schema - A website aiming to provide more accessible documentation for JSON schema.

feathers-twilio - A Feathers service for talking to the Twilio API

gulp-sequelize - Gulp tasks for the sequelize.

feathers-ios - Feathers service client for iOS

feathers-service-tests - A test harness for Feathers service implementations

feathers-demos - Feathers demos and example code.

feathers-react-native-chat - A React Native example chat app using feathers

feathers-query-filters - Adds support for special query string params used for filtering data

feathers-commons - Shared utility functions

feathers-socket-commons - Shared functionality for websocket providers

feathers-primus - The Feathers Primus real-time API provider

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seneca-admin - Administration plugin for Seneca deployments

seneca-data-editor - Visual data editor for Seneca-based systems

My little collection of useful dotfiles.

load-json-file - Read and parse a JSON file

fly-stylus - Fly plugin for Stylus

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gulp-jsvalidate - Validate JavaScript code and report possible syntax errors

strapi-frontend-example - Express.js server which works with strapi as backend

strapi-studio - The official open-source repository of the Strapi Studio.

mentions-regex - 100% twitter compatible @mentions regex! Regular expression for matching @username mentions, as used on twitter, facebook, github, etc.

get-user-mentions - Get all @user mentions in a string

All the sources for my (not powered by React anymore) blog

redux-friendlist-demo - Simple demo app featuring Redux

apollo - :rocket: We're building the data stack for modern apps. Central repo for discussion.

minimist - parse argument options

y-cloninator - List GitHub projects trending on Hacker News without distractions.

graphiql-app - Light, Electron-based Wrapper around GraphiQL

pluralize-ru - Pluralization of Russian words

faker-ru - Faker.js extention. Generates data in Russian.

microservices-experiment - My experiment with microservice architecture in node.js with express.js

iron-node - Debug Node.js code with Chrome Developer Tools.

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redux-voting-server - Server app for the Full-Stack Redux Tutorial

podbaby - Personal podcast web client

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react_forms_example - Complete forms example using React and Rails

universal-redux-starter - Minimal starter for using universal-redux npm package

generator-redux-app - Scaffold out a redux app

redux-blog-example - Full-featured example with Redux, React-Router, JWT auth and CSS Modules.

react-fullstack-skeleton - A minimal React fullstack skeleton featuring hot reloading and a backend api server.

react-transform - A specification for tools instrumenting React components

node-airplay-js - Apple AirPlay client library for node.js

os.cpus() for node and the browser

react-starter-kit - This is my personal react starter kit.

compression-webpack-plugin - Prepare compressed versions of assets to serve them with Content-Encoding

webpack-react-es6-production-optimization - Optimize Webpack + React + ES6 + Babel app production build file size

language-graphql - GraphQL support for Atom text editor

graphql-experiment - My experiments with GraphQL

graphql-server - Example GraphQL server with Mongoose (MongoDB) and Node.js

babel-starter-kit - My node.js starter-kit with babel.js

frontend-boilerplate - webpack-react-redux-babel-autoprefixer-hmr-postcss-css-modules-rucksack-boilerplate

strapi-generate-email - Generate the default email features for a Strapi application.

strapi-generate-upload - Generate the default upload features for a Strapi application.

strapi - Build powerful back-end with no effort.

strapi-generate-users - Generate user features for your Strapi application. - repository which contains i18n language translation locales

resource for managing users ( signups / logins / etc.. ) - Source core for

ally.js - JavaScript library to help modern web applications with accessibility concerns - download statistics for npm packages

DrMongo - MongoDB admin app built on MeteorJs.

neural-animation - Implementing neural art on video

mrn - Material React Native (MRN) - A Material Design style React Native component library.

i18n-tag - :book: Simple i18n tagged template strings.

portfolio-redux-app - A portfolio template built with Redux and React

isomorphic-redux-app - Redux app demonstrating isomorphic rendering and routing (with redux-devtools).

1post - is a community of open-source software developers.

dpanel - An easy cpanel alternative using docker.

seneca-examples - Node.js seneca module usage examples

react-example - A small example app using Seneca with a React frontend

sails-mandrill - Mandrill adapter for sails.js (deprecated! please see machinepack-mandrill)

sails-hook-dev - A Sails hook that provides diagnostic / debugging information during development.

waterline-docs - Public Documentation for Waterline

react-styleguidist - React style guide generator

javascript-tutorial - The JavaScript Tutorial

fly-babel - Fly plugin for Babel

passport-local-express4 - check out the blog post

lockit-template-blank - blank email template for lockit-sendmail

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purest - REST API client library

panes.js - PANES.JS DEMO - PANES.JS is a ES6+ node.js based MVC Framework

co-monk - MongoDB generator goodness for node.js

response-time - X-Response-Time middleware

http-assert - assert with status codes

koa-mongo - MongoDB middleware for koa, support connection pool.

koa-redis-pool - Redis middleware for koa, support connection pool.

Get locale variable from query, subdomain, accept-languages or cookie for koa.

static - Static file server middleware

koa-flash - Flash messages for your koa application.

flummox-isomorphic-demo - Demo of how to create isomorphic apps using Flummox and react-router

structor - An advanced GUI editor for React

node-ga - Server Side Google Analytics for Node

node-truncate - :octopus: Truncate text and keeps urls safe.

meteor-rest - :sleeping: simple:rest - make your Meteor app accessible over HTTP and DDP alike

phaser-multiplayer-game - :video_game: Simple real-time multiplayer phaser game example which uses node and websockets.

react-redux-starter-kit - Enjoy React, Redux, and React-Router, with zero build configuration.

awesome-gists - A collection of amazing gists you must see.

humanize-url - Humanize a URL: →

awesome-awesomeness - A curated list of awesome awesomeness

i18next-node - [deprecated] can be replaced with v2 of i18next

once - Run a function exactly one time

popmotion - The Javascript motion engine. Tweens, physics, input tracking and timelines.

d3 - Bring data to life with SVG, Canvas and HTML. :bar_chart::chart_with_upwards_trend::tada:

react-native-simple-store - A minimalistic wrapper around React Native's AsyncStorage.

kickstart - Kickstart project for Webpack with Meteor and React

sshync - Auto-sync files or directories over SSH.

redux-store-visualizer - Visualize Redux store in real time

redux-form - A Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux store

cli-loader - An easy and simple loading effect for cli.

free-programming-books - :books: Freely available programming books

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hello-react-meteor - Learning Some React with Proper Meteor Integration (Routing, SSR)

meteor-boilerplate - A boilerplate for meteorjs projects

DiscoverMeteor_Ru - The Russian version of Discover Meteor

fly - Generator based build system

golang-book - An Introduction to programming in Go

react-hot-boilerplate - Minimal live-editing boilerplate for your next ReactJS project

boilerplate-webpack-react - Boilerplate project for Reactjs with webpack, gulp and stylus

react-webpack-boilerplate - Simple production ready boilerplate for React, Webpack (using Babel 6, SASS and React hot reloading), tests (using Jest) and coverage.

react2tree - Utility for mapping React component hierarchies to tree structures

sunglasses: Curated list of awesome lists

isomorphic-fetch - Isomorphic WHATWG Fetch API, for Node & Browserify

javascript-patterns - JavaScript Patterns

sails-hook-acl - Sails hook that implements ACL that don't tight with session or databases and easy configurable

passport-auth-example - The most widely used way for websites to authenticate users is via a username and password. Support for this mechanism is provided by the passport-local module.

Contribute to gulp-rev-css-url development by creating an account on GitHub.

gulp-react - [DEPRECATED] Precompile Facebook React JSX templates into JavaScript

sails-react-store - React view isomorph with for sailsjs

flux-examples - Isomorphic Flux examples with Fluxible

isomorphic-flux-react-react-router - isomorphic web app starter kit using redux, react, react router, hmr, webpack and postcss

react-native-community - Community Contributions to React Native

livereactload - Live code editing with Browserify and React

isomorphic-chat - Use npm i; npm start to run app

HackerNews-React-Native - Hacker News iOS and Android App - Made with React Native.

Get user mentions from string or replace user mentions with something else

Caret.js - Get caret postion and offset from text field

flux-immutable-todomvc - Uses ImmutableJS as described in the presentation by @leebyron at React Conf 2015.

reactjs-contenteditable - A simple-to-use component for contentEditable elements in ReactJS

node-express-mongoose-demo - A simple demo app using express, mongoose, passport for beginners

kphp-kdb - VK-KittenPHP/DB/Engine suite

stylobate - Stylobate

stylobate-islands - ...

Medium.js - A tiny JavaScript library for making contenteditable beautiful (Like Medium's editor)

Backbone.js-Russian - Русская версия сайта Backbone.js

blueprint - Blueprint for a Startup. Middleware, & MVC routing over Node.js & Mongoose

node-v0.x-archive - Moved to