Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

A tool for automatically generating a component library from your React components

An example react application (master-detail feed) with isomorphic rendering, async react-router routes, async redux reducers, async data fetching, and code-splitting.

A zero-configuration static pre-renderer for React apps. 

React Horizon makes it easier to use your React application with realtime backend

Catalog of React components / libraries

Fantastically useful patterns for the react.js

react-scroll - React scroll component

ship-components-grid - React masonry grid

react-history - Manage the URL with React

react-hotkeys - Declarative hotkey and focus area management for React

react-faq - A collection of links to help answer your questions about React

riot - A React-like, user interface library

awesome-webpack - A curated list of awesome Webpack resources, libraries and tools

not-awesome-es6-classes - A curated list of resources on why ES6 (aka ES2015) classes are NOT awesome

react-quill - A Quill component for React.

react-portal - React component for transportation of modals, lightboxes, loading bars... to document.body

react-server - :rocket: Blazing fast page load and seamless navigation.

react-horizon-example - A demo realtime chat application created using React and RethinkDB/Horizon

react-slick - React carousel component

reactstrap - Simple React Bootstrap 4 components

react-ssr-benchmarks - Benchmarks comparing React's server rendering for versions 12--15

feathers-webpack-react - Simple Boilerplate to get you started with Feathersjs, React, and Webpack

react-media - A CSS media query component for React

react-native - A framework for building native apps with React.

A simpler way to compile React applications

react-monocle - A developer tool to visualize a React application's component hierarchy.

create-react-app - Create React apps with no build configuration.

react-native-router-flux - React Native Router based on new React Native Navigation API

enzyme - JavaScript Testing utilities for React

reactotron - A CLI and OS X app for inspecting your React JS and React Native apps.

react-modal - Accessible modal dialog component for React

standard-react - JavaScript Standard Style for React Users

react-infinite - A browser-ready efficient scrolling container based on UITableView

react-css-components - Define React presentational components with CSS

react-sortable-hoc - ✌️ A set of higher-order components to turn any list into an animated, touch-friendly, sortable list.

megaboilerplate - Handcrafted starter projects, optimized for simplicity and ease of use.

react-boilerplate - React Boilerplate with sGrid and Webpack

react-infinite-calendar - ✨ Infinite scrolling date-picker built with React, with localization, themes, keyboard support, and more.

react-yelp-clone - Tutorial: Build a Yelp-clone in React

pepperoni-app-kit - Pepperoni - React Native App Starter Kit for Android and iOS

react-redux-form - Create forms easily in React with Redux.

react-soundplayer - Create custom SoundCloud players with React

preact - :zap: Fast 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API. Components & Virtual DOM.

reactcards - devcards for react

react-native-webpack-starter-kit - :herb: Build your React Native app with Webpack and Babel

babel-react-optimize - :rocket: A Babel preset and plugins for optimizing React code.

react-storybook - Isolate your React UI Component development from the main app

reactify - [DEPRECATED] Browserify transform for JSX (superset of JavaScript used in React library by Facebook)

react-time - Component for React to render relative and/or formatted dates into HTML5 element

react-fa - Font Awesome icons as React components

rfx-stack - RFX Stack - Universal App featuring: React + Feathers + MobX

rx-react - ReactJS bindings for RxJS

react-express-starter - Yet another starting point for creating React apps. Uses React Router, Webpack, HMR, PostCSS & Express.

searchkit - React UI components / widgets. The easiest way to build a great search experience with Elasticsearch.

react-jade - Compile Jade to React JavaScript

react-hyperscript - Hyperscript syntax for React.js markup

react-rethinkdb - Render realtime RethinkDB results in React

react-howto - Your guide to the (sometimes overwhelming!) React ecosystem. - A react mixin that syncs a component's state with deepstream

reactfire - ReactJS mixin for easy Firebase integration

react-mixin - mixins in react with es6 style classes

msx - JSX for Mithril

feathers-react-native-chat - A React Native example chat app using feathers

isomorphic-material-relay-starter-kit - Starter kit for isomorphic applications using React, Material-UI, Relay, Node.js and Cassandra

starhackit - StarHackIt: React/Redux + Node full-stack starter kit with authentication and authorization, data backed by SQL.

OverReact - Wireframing React projects with the functionality to boilerplate

All the sources for my (not powered by React anymore) blog

inferno - An extremely fast, React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces

nwb - Create React apps, components, libraries and other npm modules for use on the web with no configuration (until you need it)

react-transform-hmr - A React Transform that enables hot reloading React classes using Hot Module Replacement API

react-redux - Official React bindings for Redux

react-redux-router-crud-boilerplate - Another redux example build on react transform boilerplate

flux-react-router-example - A sample app showcasing Flux with React Router

redux-blog-example - Full-featured example with Redux, React-Router, JWT auth and CSS Modules.

react-router-redux - Ruthlessly simple bindings to keep react-router and redux in sync

react-fullstack-skeleton - A minimal React fullstack skeleton featuring hot reloading and a backend api server.

react-transform - A specification for tools instrumenting React components

component-playground - A component for rendering React components with editable source and live preview

react-styleguide-generator - Easily generate a good-looking styleguide by adding some documentation to your React project.

hapi-react-starter-kit - A hapi React Starter kit with react-router, redux, react-transform

adrenaline - Simple Relay alternative

babel-plugin-react-transform - Babel plugin to instrument React components with custom transforms

webpack-react-es6-production-optimization - Optimize Webpack + React + ES6 + Babel app production build file size

isomorphic-react-relay-boilerplate - Starter template for React with focus on simplicity!

relay-skeleton - React, Relay, GraphQL project skeleton

awesome-graphql - Awesome list of GraphQL & Relay

react - From apprentice to master (CC BY-NC-ND)

react-lite - an implementation of React that optimizes for small script size

react-boilerplate - :fire: A highly scalable, offline-first foundation with the best developer experience and a focus on performance and best practices.

mobx - Simple, scalable state management.

react-cosmos - DX tool for designing truly encapsulated React components.

react-toolbox - A set of React components implementing Google's Material Design specification with the power of CSS Modules

electron-react-boilerplate - Live editing development on desktop app

react-intl - Internationalize React apps. This library provides React components and an API to format dates, numbers, and strings, including pluralization and handling translations.

AutoAnimations - Automatically animate all inserted and removed DOM elements

react-worker-dom - Experiments to see the advantages of using Web Workers to Render React Virtual DOM

react-swipeable - Swipe bindings for react

universal-redux - An npm package that lets you jump right into coding React and Redux with universal (isomorphic) rendering. Only manage Express setups or Webpack configurations if you want to.

mrn - Material React Native (MRN) - A Material Design style React Native component library.

blaze-react - React templating for Meteor

portfolio-redux-app - A portfolio template built with Redux and React

react_on_rails - Integration of React + Webpack + Rails to build Universal (Isomorphic) Apps

react-native-macos - React Native for macOS

redux-react-router-example-app - Example blog like application

react-treebeard - React Tree View Component. Data-Driven, Fast, Efficient and Customisable.

belle - Configurable React Components with great UX

react-styleguidist - React style guide generator

react-stylesheet - Compose stylesheets from React components

react-redux-scaffold - A react scaffold with redux and its best practice

react-styleguide - A React component that takes in other components and organizes them into an easy to use styleguide.

react-isomorphic-boilerplate - My attempt at providing an isomorphic React app

react-dropzone - Simple HTML5 drag-drop zone with React.js.

react-swiper - Detects and triggers touch events for swiping such as onSwipeLeft, onSwipeDown, etc. with ReactJS

react-dom-stream - A streaming server-side rendering library for React.

recompose - A React utility belt for function components and higher-order components.

react-desktop - React UI Components for macOS Sierra and Windows 10

react-starter - [OUTDATED] Starter template for React with webpack. Doesn't focus on simplicity! NOT FOR BEGINNERS!

fullstack-react - A simple, full-stack JavaScript single page app featuring React, Webpack, and Falcor

meteor-react-example - Skeletal example app showing how to integrate Meteor and React with some basic user management

react-redux-starter-kit - Enjoy React, Redux, and React-Router, with zero build configuration.

reactGo - Your One-Stop solution for a full-stack universal Redux App!

radium - A toolchain for React component styling.

express-react-views - This is an Express view engine which renders React components on server. It renders static markup and does not support mounting those views on the client.

react-server-routing-example - An example using universal client/server routing and data in React with AWS DynamoDB

react-static-boilerplate - Boilerplate and tooling for web application development based on React (ReactJS), Redux, Babel, Webpack, CSS Modules, PostCSS, Browsersync, React Hot Loader and optimized for CDN hosting in Firebase

react-universal-starter - Quick start an Universal (isomorphic) React App

universal-js-boilerplate - A boilerplate to start universal (isomorphic) web applications

slush-react-express - Generator for quickly starting up a node/express project that uses react.

react-router - A complete routing library for React

react-portal-tooltip - Awesome React tooltip

react-native-simple-store - A minimalistic wrapper around React Native's AsyncStorage.

react-native-browser - Full-featured web browser module for React Native apps, based on TOWebViewController

kickstart - Kickstart project for Webpack with Meteor and React

redux-router - Redux bindings for React Router - keep your router state inside your Redux store

redux-form - A Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux store

redux-rx - RxJS utilities for Redux.

react-native-web - React Native for Web

react-transform-boilerplate - A new Webpack boilerplate with hot reloading React components, and error handling on module and component level.

isomorphic-lab - Isomorphic React experimentation

meteor-react-layout - Simple React Layout Manager for Meteor with SSR Support

hello-react-meteor - Learning Some React with Proper Meteor Integration (Routing, SSR)

react-meteor - React rendering for Meteor apps

react-css-modules - Seamless mapping of class names to CSS modules inside of React components.

react-hot-boilerplate - Minimal live-editing boilerplate for your next ReactJS project

boilerplate-webpack-react - Boilerplate project for Reactjs with webpack, gulp and stylus

react-webpack-boilerplate - Simple production ready boilerplate for React, Webpack (using Babel 6, SASS and React hot reloading), tests (using Jest) and coverage.

react2tree - Utility for mapping React component hierarchies to tree structures

react-helmet - A document head manager for React

Winterfell - Generate complex, validated and extendable JSON-based forms in React.

react-maskedinput - Masked React component

react-date-picker-cs - React DatePicker Component(React 日期组件)

react-input-autosize - Auto-resizing input field for React

React-Dropzone-Component - :camera: ReactJS Dropzone for File Uploads (using Dropzone.js)

react-autocomplete - WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete (combobox) component

react-devtools - An extension that allows inspection of React component hierarchy in Chrome Developer Tools.

gulp-react - [DEPRECATED] Precompile Facebook React JSX templates into JavaScript

isomorphic-sails-react-example - An isomorphic Sails React Example with simple dispatcher and blueprint component

sails-generate-isoreact - A isomorph reactjs generator for use with the Sails command-line interface

awesome-redux - Awesome list of Redux examples and middlewares

isomorphic-flux-react-react-router - isomorphic web app starter kit using redux, react, react router, hmr, webpack and postcss

react-native-grid-example - React Native - Grid Layout Example

react-native-image-progress - Progress indicator for networked images in React Native

react-proxy - Proxies React components without unmounting or losing their state

react-native-community - Community Contributions to React Native

react-three - React bindings to create and control a 3D scene using three.js

react-art - React Bridge to the ART Drawing Library

react-native-webpack-server - Build React Native apps with Webpack

react-linkify - React component to parse links (urls, emails, etc.) in text into clickable links

react-notification-system - A complete and totally customizable component for notifications in React

react-tags - A fantastically simple tagging component for your React projects

ParseReact - Seamlessly bring Parse data into your React applications.

react-transmit - Relay-inspired library based on Promises instead of GraphQL.

react-seed - Seed project for React apps using ES6 & webpack.

react-native - A framework for building native apps with React.

react-patterns - Mostly reasonable patterns for writing React on Rails

material-ui - React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.

react-hot-loader - Tweak React components in real time.

react-isomorphic-starterkit - Create an isomorphic React app in less than 5 minutes

react-canvas - High performance rendering for React components

react-rails - Ruby gem for automatically transforming JSX and using React in Rails.

classnames - A simple javascript utility for conditionally joining classNames together

flux-immutable-todomvc - Uses ImmutableJS as described in the presentation by @leebyron at React Conf 2015.

react-starterify - A minimal React JS application starter kit

react-textarea-autosize - component for React which grows with content

awesome-react - A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem.

awesome-react - A collection of awesome React libraries, resources and shiny things.

hapi-react - Render hapi views

refluxjs - A simple library for uni-directional dataflow application architecture with React extensions inspired by Flux

react - A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

flux-react - A library combining tools to develop with a FLUX architecture

react-style - Maintainable styling for React.js components [not actively maintained anymore]

sublime-react - Sublime Text helpers for React. Syntax highlighting DEPRECATED in favor of babel/babel-sublime

react-quickstart - [DEPRECATED] React project template with server-side UI rendering and routing

react-page-middleware - Connect/Express middleware to use React to generate whole websites

react-page - Easy Application Development with React JavaScript

react-forms - Forms library for React.