Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

react-json-tree - React JSON Viewer Component, Extracted from redux-devtools

react-categorized-tag-input - React.js component for making tag autocompletion inputs with categorized results.

functional-programming-jargon - Jargon from the functional programming world in simple terms!

apisauce - A JSON API client for JavaScript. No, no. Not like that. Like this.

messenger-bot - A Node client for the Facebook Messenger Platform

scrape-it - :crystal_ball: A Node.js scraper for humans.

validated - Validate your configurations with precise error messages

memoizee - Complete memoize/cache solution for JavaScript

Lean and mean Javascript implementation of the JSON-Patch standard (RFC 6902). Update JSON documents using delta patches.

react-hyperscript - Hyperscript syntax for React.js markup

emailjs - html emails and attachments to any smtp server with nodejs

typoscope - A runtime type schema validator for compound Javascript objects & arrays


msx - JSX for Mithril

boom - HTTP-friendly error objects

jjv - Javascript Library for Schema Validation

jsen - JSON-Schema validator built for speed

tv4 - Tiny Validator for JSON Schema v4

validator.js - Powerful objects and strings validation in javascript for Node and the browser

feathers-query-filters - Adds support for special query string params used for filtering data

validate - Validate nested object properties in javascript

mailgun-es6 - Node Mailgun API Wrapper using only native JS modules.

fs-jetpack - Better file system API for Node.js

Mockgoose - Mocking for Mongoose

multer - Node.js middleware for handling multipart/form-data.

minimist - parse argument options

redux-orm - A small, simple and immutable ORM to manage relational data in your Redux store.

async-validate - Asynchronous object validation

os.cpus() for node and the browser

soundcloud-nodejs-api-wrapper - Soundcloud Nodejs API Wrapper - connect to the soundcloud API with oauth and without any callback url.

pg-promise - :elephant: Promises/A+ interface for PostgreSQL

mongoose-acl - Mongoose ACL

dox - JavaScript documentation generator for node using markdown and jsdoc

mongoose-validator - Validators for mongoose models utilising validator.js

v2 - a minimalistic, high-performant 2D vector class

extract-text-webpack-plugin - Extract text from bundle into a file.

meteor-autoform - AutoForm is a Meteor package that adds UI components and helpers to easily create basic forms with automatic insert and update events, and automatic reactive validation.

radium - A toolchain for React component styling.

i18n-node - Lightweight simple translation module for node.js / express.js with dynamic json storage. Uses common __('...') syntax in app and templates.

steam_locomotive: Flatten/unflatten nested Javascript objects

joi - Object schema validation

string.js - Extra JavaScript string methods.

react-engine - a composite render engine for universal (isomorphic) express apps to render both plain react views and react-router views

queryl - Query language to perform complex object searches.

redux-logger - Logger middleware for Redux

React-Dropzone-Component - :camera: ReactJS Dropzone for File Uploads (using Dropzone.js)

sails-service-storage - Service for Sails framework with Storage features

react-notification-system - A complete and totally customizable component for notifications in React

slick - the last carousel you'll ever need

immutable-js - Immutable persistent data collections for Javascript which increase efficiency and simplicity.

html-select - match css selectors into an html tokenize stream

This is a dev repo; for the "official" repo see

swarm - JavaScript replicated model (M of MVC) library