Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

Telemetry dashboard for node.js apps from the terminal!

GitHunt-React - An example app with Apollo Client and React

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slate-wrapped-block-plugin - A Slate plugin to wrap a custom block component around the selected block by condition.

pomelo - A fast,scalable,distributed game server framework for Node.js.

nodeunit - Easy unit testing in node.js and the browser, based on the assert module.

highland-node - Mix Highlands.js with Node.js streams and run it in the browser with Webpack

paper.js - The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting - Scriptographer ported to JavaScript and the browser, using HTML5 Canvas. Created by @lehni & @puckey

generator-babel-boilerplate - A Yeoman generator to author libraries in ES2015 (and beyond!) for Node and the browser.

scuttlebutt - peer-to-peer replicatable data structure

websocket-stream - websockets with the node stream API

micro-services-tutorial-iot - An instructor led microservices workshop

Az.js - A NLP library for Russian language

panther - Discover artists through an infinite node graph

node-neo4j - Neo4j graph database driver (REST API client) for Node.js

Individual membership system for the Node Foundation

monitor-dashboard - Dashboards for the Node.js monitor project

node-monitor - Node.js application monitoring

rx-node - RxJS Bindings for Node.js and io.js

nodecache - a node internal caching module

shortid - Short id generator. Url-friendly. Non-predictable. Cluster-compatible.

axon - message-oriented socket library for node.js heavily inspired by zeromq

A fork of braitsch/node-login template for quickly building login systems on top of Node.js & RethinkDB

node-pg-format - Node.js implementation of PostgreSQL's format() to safely create dynamic SQL queries.

pg-hstore - A node package for serializing and deserializing JSON data to hstore format

rethinkdb-example-nodejs-chat - A node.js chat application running on rethinkdb

jsonOdm - A JSON ODM (object document mapper) for JavaScript to use on the server or in the browser.

pretty-json - Simple library to render/format a JS obj to an HTML view.

socketcluster - Highly scalable realtime microframework

sanichat - Sanichat is a realtime chat system powered by Firebase that allows users to sign in via Twitter and message other users appropriate content in realtime. It uses a queue and simple content filter running on a node server to securely handle inappropriate content and display sanitized content for end users.

firebase-token-generator-node - Firebase Token Generator for Node.JS

generator-node-gulp - Create a Node.js module with yo, including gulp and Mocha unit tests.

node-bunyan - a simple and fast JSON logging module for node.js services

flatiron - framework components for node.js and the browser

generator-feathers - A Yeoman generator for a Feathers application

mean - MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) - A Simple, Scalable and Easy starting point for full stack javascript web development - utilizing many of the best practices we've found on the way

bookshelf - A simple Node.js ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite3 built on top of Knex.js

node-graceful-fs - fs with incremental backoff on EMFILE

node-formidable - A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.

node-schedule - A cron-like and not-cron-like job scheduler for Node.

nodemon - Monitor for any changes in your node.js application and automatically restart the server - perfect for development

starhackit - StarHackIt: React/Redux + Node full-stack starter kit with authentication and authorization, data backed by SQL.

inferno - An extremely fast, React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces

react-slingshot - React + Redux starter kit / boilerplate with Babel, hot reloading, testing, linting and a working example app, all built in

devtool - :triangular_ruler: runs Node.js programs through Chromium DevTools - The Node.js website.

node-cross-spawn - A cross platform solution to node's spawn and spawnSync

ace - Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

iron-node - Debug Node.js code with Chrome Developer Tools.

webtorrent - :zap: Streaming torrent client for the web

Keep your code piping hot! Live code reloading without additional binaries

docker-node - Dockerfiles for running Node.js

isomorphic-react-relay-boilerplate - Starter template for React with focus on simplicity!

simple-relay-starter - A very simple starter for React Relay using Browserify

graffiti-mongoose - Mongoose (MongoDB) adapter for graffiti (Node.js GraphQL ORM)

awesome-graphql - Awesome list of GraphQL & Relay

graphql-relay-js - A library to help construct a graphql-js server supporting react-relay.

commander.js - node.js command-line interfaces made easy

commonmark.js - CommonMark parser and renderer in JavaScript

somata-node - Framework for building microservices with Node.js

highland - High-level streams library for Node.js and the browser

trails - :evergreen_tree: Modern Web Application Framework for Node.js.

awesome-cross-platform-nodejs - :two_men_holding_hands: A curated list of awesome developer tools and libraries for writing and testing code that runs on Windows and Linux. - A one pager for emojis on Campfire and GitHub

nodejs-guidelines - Tips, tricks, and resources for working with Node.js, and the start of an ongoing conversation on how we can improve the Node.js experience on Microsoft platforms.

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node-inspector - Node.js debugger based on Blink Developer Tools

component - frontend package manager and build tool for modular web applications

provides a distributed event emitter mesh - Source core for

parse5 - WHATWG HTML5 specification-compliant, fast and ready for production HTML parsing/serialization toolset for Node.js

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PayPal-node-SDK - node.js SDK for PayPal RESTful APIs

hackathon-starter - A boilerplate for Node.js web applications

nodezoo-workshop - A microservices workshop for the Seneca framework.

pigato - PIGATO - an high-performance Node.js microservices framework

react-treebeard - React Tree View Component. Data-Driven, Fast, Efficient and Customisable.

thinkjs - Use full ES2015+ features to develop Node.js applications, Support TypeScript

mocha - simple, flexible, fun javascript test framework for node.js & the browser

diet - A tiny, fast and modular node.js web framework. Good for making fast & scalable apps and apis.

chai - BDD / TDD assertion framework for node.js and the browser that can be paired with any testing framework.

node-sidekiq - Enqueue jobs to sidekiq from your node apps. Closely mirrors the official ruby sidekiq interface and supports job scheduling.

superscript - A dialogue engine for creating chat bots

webpack-express-boilerplate - A boilerplate for running a Webpack workflow in Node express

node-scaffold - Node beautiful scaffolding module

npm - a package manager for javascript

mz - modernize node.js to current ECMAScript standards

node-fetch - A light-weight module that brings window.fetch to node.js and io.js

Parse-SDK-JS - Parse SDK for JavaScript

virtual-dom - A Virtual DOM and diffing algorithm

express-params - Express param pre-condition functions

nodegarden - HTML5 Node Garden

smartcrop.js - Content aware image cropping

vorpal - Node's framework for interactive CLIs.

drool - Automated memory leak detection and analysis

phaser-multiplayer-game - :video_game: Simple real-time multiplayer phaser game example which uses node and websockets.

RealtimeMultiplayerNodeJs - Realtime Mutliplayer Game Engine using Node.js / websockets for HTML5 that uses a client-server approach in which the clients send only sampled input to the server

react-static-boilerplate - Boilerplate and tooling for web application development based on React (ReactJS), Redux, Babel, Webpack, CSS Modules, PostCSS, Browsersync, React Hot Loader and optimized for CDN hosting in Firebase

Make any Node ReadableStream emit "keypress" events

image-size - Node.JS module for detecting image dimensions

sequelize - Sequelize is an easy-to-use multi SQL dialect ORM for Node.js. It currently supports MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MSSQL.

react-universal-starter - Quick start an Universal (isomorphic) React App

popmotion - The Javascript motion engine. Tweens, physics, input tracking and timelines.

levi - Stream based full-text search for Node.js and browsers. Built on LevelDB.

PathFinding.js - A comprehensive path-finding library for grid based games

rollup - Next-generation ES6 module bundler

pm2 - Production process manager for Node.js apps with a built-in load balancer

pug - Pug - robust, elegant, feature rich template engine for Node.js

node-fs-extra - Node.js: extra methods for the fs object like copy(), remove(), mkdirs()

async - Async utilities for node and the browser

isomorphic-fetch - Isomorphic WHATWG Fetch API, for Node & Browserify

rocket - Boilerplate for React and Backbone

koa - Expressive middleware for node.js using generators - Telegram API library (javascript, node.js)

awesome-nodejs - :orange_book:A curated list of astonishing Node.js frameworks, libraries and resources. Inspired by awesome-php and awesome-python.

awesome-nodejs - :zap: Delightful Node.js packages and resources

awesome-javascript - 💨 A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

frontdesk - Community driven list of useful things for Front End Developers

loopback - LoopBack is an open source Node.js framework built on top of Express optimized for building APIs for mobile, web, and other devices. Connect to multiple data sources, write business logic in Node.js, glue on top of your existing services and data, connect using JS, iOS & Android SDKs.

node - Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

node-style-guide - A guide for styling your node.js / JavaScript code. Fork & adjust to your taste.

sails - Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js

backbone-express-mongoose-socketio - An application skeleton using express, mongoose, backbone.js,

node-v0.x-archive - Moved to

jquery - jQuery JavaScript Library