Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

quill-local-storage - a local storage module for restoring text to the quilljs editor

quill-drag-and-drop-module - Quill module to add drag-and-drop support to the Quill container

react-wysiwyg - retain some control over contenteditable input

advanced-boilerplate - A NodeJS V6 Universal React Boilerplate with an Amazing Developer Experience.

react-universally - A starter kit giving you the minimum requirements for a production ready universal react application.

nodeunit - Easy unit testing in node.js and the browser, based on the assert module.

selectivity - Modular and light-weight selection library

feed-mixer - Transform multiple rss/atom feed sources into one rss or atom feed. A node module.

websocket-stream - websockets with the node stream API

webpack-hot-server-example - Webpack Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Example with Express

react-storybook - Isolate your React UI Component development from the main app

reactify - [DEPRECATED] Browserify transform for JSX (superset of JavaScript used in React library by Facebook)

react-howto - Your guide to the (sometimes overwhelming!) React ecosystem.

mithril-isomorphic - An attempt at making Mithril work both on the client and the server

node-require-directory - Recursively iterates over specified directory, requiring each file, and returning a nested hash structure containing those libraries.

Sugar - A Javascript library for working with native objects.

mern-starter - Boilerplate for getting started with MERN stack

feathers-configuration - A small plugin for configuring a Feathers application

feathers-client - Client side Feathers for REST and websockets that works with NodeJS, React Native and any client framework

seneca-data-editor - Visual data editor for Seneca-based systems

trace-nodejs - Trace is a visualised distributed tracing platform designed for microservices.

node-graceful-fs - fs with incremental backoff on EMFILE

codemirror-highlight-node - Transforms source code into formatted HTML using Codemirror

npm-install-webpack-plugin - Speed up development by automatically installing & saving dependencies with Webpack.

get-user-mentions - Get all @user mentions in a string

i18n-abide - Node.js express connect module for i18n and l10n support

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webtorrent - :zap: Streaming torrent client for the web

react-transform-hmr - A React Transform that enables hot reloading React classes using Hot Module Replacement API

react-redux - Official React bindings for Redux

npm-check - Check for outdated, incorrect, and unused dependencies.

react-cosmos - DX tool for designing truly encapsulated React components.

emoji-images - replace stuff like :heart: with tags of corresponding images per:

react-toolbox - A set of React components implementing Google's Material Design specification with the power of CSS Modules

htmlparser2 - forgiving html and xml parser

webpack-isomorphic-tools - Server-side rendering for your Webpack-built applications (e.g. React)

http-framework - A web framework based purely on require('http') - Open-Source Microservice Hosting Platform

browserify-middleware - express middleware for browserify, done right

extract-text-webpack-plugin - Extract text from bundle into a file.

react-starter - [OUTDATED] Starter template for React with webpack. Doesn't focus on simplicity! NOT FOR BEGINNERS!

limax - Node.js module to generate URL slugs. Another one? This one cares about i18n and transliterates non-Latin scripts to conform to the RFC3986 standard. Mostly API-compatible with similar modu...

attention - Node.js module to detect the dominant palette and salient region of an image

pluralize - Pluralize or singularize any word based on a count

universal-react-boilerplate - A simple boilerplate Node app.

rollup - Next-generation ES6 module bundler

react-css-modules - Seamless mapping of class names to CSS modules inside of React components.

sails-mongo - MongoDB adapter for Sails.js

styling - Create CSS modules with the full power of JavaScript

livereactload - Live code editing with Browserify and React

kraken-js - An express-based Node.js web application bootstrapping module.