Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

feathers-done-ssr - Use DoneJS Server-Side Rendering with Feathers JWT tokens.

feathers-cli - The command line interface for Feathers applications

express-slash - Express middleware for people who are anal about trailing slashes. - Server middleware to power Handles signalling

rill - :left_right_arrow: Universal web application framework.

messenger-bot - A Node client for the Facebook Messenger Platform

seneca-web - A plugin that provides HTTP functionality for the Seneca framework

authorized - Action based authorization middleware.

passport-http-bearer - HTTP Bearer authentication strategy for Passport and Node.js.

passwordless - node.js/express module to authenticate users without password

superstatic - Superstatic: a static file server for fancy apps.

generator-feathers - A Yeoman generator for a Feathers application

cookie-session - Simple cookie-based session middleware

botkit - Botkit is a toolkit for making bot applications

redux-analytics - Analytics middleware for Redux

react-redux-router-crud-boilerplate - Another redux example build on react transform boilerplate

universal-redux - An npm package that lets you jump right into coding React and Redux with universal (isomorphic) rendering. Only manage Express setups or Webpack configurations if you want to.

portfolio-redux-app - A portfolio template built with Redux and React

express-paginate - Paginate middleware

webpack-dev-middleware - Offers a dev middleware for webpack, which arguments a live bundle to a directory

passport-hash - Hash authentication strategy for Passport.

express-debug - Debug toolbar middleware for developing applications in express (node.js)

body-parser - Node.js body parsing middleware

response-time - Response time header for node.js

connect-flash - Flash message middleware for Connect and Express.

passport - Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js.

prerender-node - Express middleware for prerendering javascript-rendered pages on the fly for SEO

primus - :zap: Primus, the creator god of the transformers & an abstraction layer for real-time to prevent module lock-in.

response-time - X-Response-Time middleware

koa-mongo - MongoDB middleware for koa, support connection pool.

koa-redis-pool - Redis middleware for koa, support connection pool.

koa-pagination - Koa Pagination Middleware

koa-livereload - livereload script appender for Koa

Simple cookie-based session middleware

koa-scheme is a parameter validation middleware for koa.

static - Static file server middleware

koa-router - Router middleware for koa.

Node.js compression middleware

express-promise-router - A lightweight wrapper for Express 4's Router that allows middleware to return promises

i18next-node - [deprecated] can be replaced with v2 of i18next

redux-immutable-state-invariant - Redux middleware that detects mutations between and outside redux dispatches. For development use only.

redux-promise - FSA-compliant promise middleware for Redux.

isomorphic-lab - Isomorphic React experimentation

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koa - Expressive middleware for node.js using generators

awesome-redux - Awesome list of Redux examples and middlewares

kraken-js - An express-based Node.js web application bootstrapping module.

kraken-example-with-passport - An example integrating kraken with passport authentication

puer - more than a live-reload server, built for efficient frontend development