Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

node-telegram-bot-api - Telegram Bot API for NodeJS

thinky-express-example - An example to showcase an absurdly simple and effective MVC framework with thinky, a RethinkDB ORM, and Express

chairo - Seneca micro-services plugin

string-format - JavaScript string formatting inspired by Python's str.format()

trace-nodejs - Trace is a visualised distributed tracing platform designed for microservices.

dragula - :ok_hand: Drag and drop so simple it hurts

Mockgoose - Mocking for Mongoose

telegram-node-bot - Node module for creating Telegram bots.

Simple session middleware for Express

resource engine for javascript

jstring - A Node.js library, designed to simplify work with string validation and sanitization

v2 - a minimalistic, high-performant 2D vector class

yieldb - Simple, expressive and yieldable MongoDB

koa-router - Router middleware for koa.

jquery-tips-everyone-should-know - A collection of tips to help up your jQuery game

string.js - Extra JavaScript string methods.

method-override - Override HTTP verbs.

node-telegram-bot-api - Telegram Bot API for NodeJS

react-meteor - React rendering for Meteor apps

gulp-plumber - Fixing Node pipes

react-proxy - Proxies React components without unmounting or losing their state - Realtime application framework (Node.JS server)