Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

A curated list of addons that extends git cli.

feathers-generator - A metalsmith based generator for scaffolding Feathers apps.

A better npm publish

makona-editor - Makona (Hawaiian for Mason) is a spike for a block-style editor written in ReactJS.

medium-editor-tc-mention - MediumEditor extension for mention panels like @username or #tagging

react-json-tree - React JSON Viewer Component, Extracted from redux-devtools

fast-json-stringify - 5x faster than JSON.stringify()

Modeled from the (Facebook Javascript SDK), now with the facebook-node-sdk you can now easily write the same code and share between your server (nodejs) and the client (Facebook Javascript SDK).

feed-mixer - Transform multiple rss/atom feed sources into one rss or atom feed. A node module.

feathers-bootstrap - Feathers application bootstrap and configuration using JSON files

css-in-js - React: CSS in JS techniques comparison.

d3-relationshipgraph - A framework for visualizing parent-child relationships with d3js

reactcards - devcards for react

postgraphql - A GraphQL API created by reflection over a PostgreSQL schema.

Lean and mean Javascript implementation of the JSON-Patch standard (RFC 6902). Update JSON documents using delta patches.

stats - JavaScript source statistics with simple API & CLI written with node.js

punt - Elegant UDP messaging for nodejs

jsonapi-server - A config driven NodeJS framework implementing json:api

pg-hstore - A node package for serializing and deserializing JSON data to hstore format

thinky-express-example - An example to showcase an absurdly simple and effective MVC framework with thinky, a RethinkDB ORM, and Express

restify-base - Boilerplate setup for building a Node.js RESTful API server with restify

Contribute to node-restify-boilerplate development by creating an account on GitHub.

json-formatter - Makes JSON/JSONP easy to read.

json-server-gui - GUI for json-server

json-server-init - Generator of JSON files to work with json-server.

lowdb - A small local database for small projects :cat: (powered by lodash API)

jsonOdm - A JSON ODM (object document mapper) for JavaScript to use on the server or in the browser.

jjsonviewer - Its a JSON Beautifier and Viewer jQuery plugin.

jquery-jsonview - View JSON in a more readable format

oauth2orize-jwt-bearer - This repository contains the source code for the JSON Web Token (JWT) bearer token exchange middleware for OAuth2orize.

kinto - A minimalist JSON storage service with synchronisation and sharing abilities.

reactfire - ReactJS mixin for easy Firebase integration

firepad - Collaborative Text Editor Powered by Firebase

firebase-dot-files - A set of helpful bash functions stored in a ~/.bash_profile

firebase-streaming-import - public node.js script for streaming large JSON files into a Firebase

firebase-import - Node module for importing large data into Firebase.

superstatic - Superstatic: a static file server for fancy apps.

generator-node-gulp - Create a Node.js module with yo, including gulp and Mocha unit tests.

understanding-json-schema - A website aiming to provide more accessible documentation for JSON schema.

jjv - Javascript Library for Schema Validation

jsen - JSON-Schema validator built for speed

tv4 - Tiny Validator for JSON Schema v4

jayschema - A comprehensive JSON Schema validator for Node.js

z-schema - JSON Schema validator written in JavaScript for NodeJS and Browsers

feathers-configuration - A small plugin for configuring a Feathers application

generator-feathers-plugin - A Yeoman generator for creating a FeathersJS plugin.

feathers-nedb - A service using an embedded datastore for node.js

feathers-waterline - A Feathers adapter for the Waterline ORM

feathers-knex - Service adapters for KnexJS a query builder for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle and SQLite3

feathers-sequelize - A Feathers service adapter for the Sequelize ORM. Supporting MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, SQLite, and SQL Server

feathers-commons - Shared utility functions

seneca-jsonrest-api - A HTTP JSON REST API for Seneca entities

koa-validate - validate koa request params and format request params

load-json-file - Read and parse a JSON file

gulp-hash - A gulp plugin for cachebusting files by adding a hash to their name and/or content.

nodemon - Monitor for any changes in your node.js application and automatically restart the server - perfect for development

assets-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin that emits a json file with assets paths

serialize-javascript - Serialize JavaScript to a superset of JSON that includes regular expressions and functions.

awesome-npm - Awesome npm resources and tips

i18n-abide - Node.js express connect module for i18n and l10n support

generator-redux - CLI tools for Redux: next-gen functional Flux/React with devtools

docker-node - Dockerfiles for running Node.js

relay-starter-kit - Barebones starting point for a Relay application.

webpack-bundle-size-analyzer - A tool for finding out what contributes to the size of Webpack bundles

language-graphql - GraphQL support for Atom text editor

express-graphql - Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Express.

express-webpack-asset - Express middleware to load hashed webpack assets

npm-check - Check for outdated, incorrect, and unused dependencies.

Contribute to curse-fe development by creating an account on GitHub.

postcss-modules - PostCSS plugin to use CSS Modules everywhere

soundcloud-nodejs-api-wrapper - Soundcloud Nodejs API Wrapper - connect to the soundcloud API with oauth and without any callback url.

nodejs-web-jade-scaffold - Web application featuring Node.js, Express, Jade, Passport, MongoDB and Bootstrap

yaspeller - Search tool typos in the text, files and websites

stream-handbook - how to write node programs with streams

mem - Memoize functions - an optimization technique used to speed up consecutive function calls by caching the result of calls with identical input

umzug - Framework agnostic migration tool for Node.JS

cli - The sequelize CLI.

component - frontend package manager and build tool for modular web applications

mschema - A schema language for defining the structure of JSON data

imdone - A task board and wiki in one!

consign - Autoload your scripts.

requireDir - Node.js helper to require() directories.

seneca - A client library for accessing Seneca micro services from Go

seneca - A microservices toolkit for Node.js.

esformatter - ECMAScript code beautifier/formatter

feathers - A minimalist, real-time JavaScript framework built for NodeJS, React-Native and the browser.

nconf - Hierarchical node.js configuration with files, environment variables, command-line arguments, and atomic object merging.

fly-babel - Fly plugin for Babel

webpack-isomorphic-tools - Server-side rendering for your Webpack-built applications (e.g. React)

body-parser - Node.js body parsing middleware

node-scaffold - Node beautiful scaffolding module

lockit-forgot-password - forgot password middleware for lockit

lockit-signup - sign up routes for lockit middleware

Jsome - :sparkles: Make your JSON look AWESOME

documentation - beautiful, flexible, powerful js docs

node-fetch - A light-weight module that brings window.fetch to node.js and io.js

js-string-escape - Escape strings for use as JavaScript string literals

jsesc - A JavaScript library for escaping JavaScript strings while generating the shortest possible valid ASCII-only output.

bodyparser - a body parser for koa

react-isomorphic-boilerplate - My attempt at providing an isomorphic React app

awesome-gists - A collection of amazing gists you must see.

relay-starter-kit - Barebones starting point for a Relay application.

react-static-boilerplate - Boilerplate and tooling for web application development based on React (ReactJS), Redux, Babel, Webpack, CSS Modules, PostCSS, Browsersync, React Hot Loader and optimized for CDN hosting in Firebase

i18n-node - Lightweight simple translation module for node.js / express.js with dynamic json storage. Uses common __('...') syntax in app and templates.

Font-Awesome - The iconic font and CSS toolkit

node-config - Node.js Application Configuration

slush-react-express - Generator for quickly starting up a node/express project that uses react.

json-server - Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously)

fil - A playground for in-browser interpreters. Built with React/Redux.

pixi.js - Super fast HTML 5 2D rendering engine that uses webGL with canvas fallback

meteor-up - Production Quality Meteor Deployments

generator-react-flux - Reacjs - Flux - Webpack - Hot loader

iron-cli - A scaffolding command line tool for Meteor applications.

Telescope - An open-source social news app built with Meteor

pm2 - Production process manager for Node.js apps with a built-in load balancer

gulp-starter - A delicious blend of gulp tasks combined into a configurable asset pipeline and static site builder

graphiql - An in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL.

waterlock - User authentication and json web token handling for Sails

rocket - Boilerplate for React and Backbone

general natural language facilities for node

kraken-js - An express-based Node.js web application bootstrapping module.

masonry - :love_hotel: Cascading grid layout library

react-rails - Ruby gem for automatically transforming JSX and using React in Rails.

awesome-nodejs - :zap: Delightful Node.js packages and resources

html-select - match css selectors into an html tokenize stream

node-browserify - browser-side require() the node.js way

superagent - Ajax with less suck - (and node.js HTTP client to match)

bower - A package manager for the web

express-resource - Resourceful routing for Express

Simplified HTTP request client.