Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

Highly composable and modular Nodejs tasks runner for the new functional JS era

react-wysiwyg - retain some control over contenteditable input

most - Ultra-high performance reactive programming

react-categorized-tag-input - React.js component for making tag autocompletion inputs with categorized results.

cleave.js - Format input text content when you are typing

react-input-enhancements - Set of enhancements for input control

EmojiOneā„¢ is the open emoji standard. #iwantemojione

mention-completer - A UI-platform-independent library for managing mention-like completion

awesomplete - Ultra lightweight, usable, beautiful autocomplete with zero dependencies.

mem - Memoize functions - an optimization technique used to speed up consecutive function calls by caching the result of calls with identical input

fortune - Database abstraction layer for Node.js and web browsers.

resource engine for javascript

notie - a clean and simple notification, input, and selection suite for javascript, with no dependencies

limdu - Machine-learning for Node.js

credit_card: make your credit card form better in one line of code

vanilla-masker - VanillaMasker is a pure javascript mask input

babel-plugin-typecheck - Static and runtime type checking for JavaScript in the form of a Babel plugin.

attention - Node.js module to detect the dominant palette and salient region of an image

popmotion - The Javascript motion engine. Tweens, physics, input tracking and timelines.

RxJS - The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript

validator.js - String validation and sanitization

emoji-picker - Add a slick emoji selector to input fields and textareas on your website.

gulp-csso - Minify CSS with CSSO.

lockit - Authentication solution for Express

react-input-autosize - Auto-resizing input field for React

react-select - A Select control built with and for React JS

react-input-mask - Yet another react component for input masking

react-autosuggest - WAI-ARIA compliant React autosuggest component

strip-html - strip html streamingly

Contribute to jquery-mentions-input development by creating an account on GitHub.

svgo - Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files.