Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

react-scroll - React scroll component

react-armor - Protect your DOM from third-party tampering.

wysiwyg - Want to roll your own WYSIWYG editor? This will help you get started.

rainyday.js - Simulating raindrops falling on a window

zeroclipboard - The ZeroClipboard library provides an easy way to copy text to the clipboard using an invisible Adobe Flash movie and a JavaScript interface.

Snap.svg - The JavaScript library for modern SVG graphics.

cash - An absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers

react-click-outside - ClickOutside component for React.

A markdown editor.

pjax - Easily enable fast Ajax navigation on any website (using pushState + xhr)

You-Dont-Need-jQuery - Examples of how to do query, style, dom, ajax, event etc like jQuery with plain javascript.

skatejs - SkateJS is a library built on top of the W3C web component specs that enables you to write functional and performant web components with a very small footprint. It focuses on size, performance and is built around a functional rendering pipeline.

AutoAnimations - Automatically animate all inserted and removed DOM elements

CSSgram - CSS library for Instagram filters

Contribute to atvImg development by creating an account on GitHub.

dynamics.js - Javascript library to create physics-based animations

frzr - Turboboosted 2 KB view library for browser & node.js

jquery-tips-everyone-should-know - A collection of tips to help up your jQuery game

vanilla-masker - VanillaMasker is a pure javascript mask input

clipboard.js - :scissors: Modern copy to clipboard. No Flash. Just 3kb gzipped :clipboard:

react-devtools - An extension that allows inspection of React component hierarchy in Chrome Developer Tools.

react-highlight - React component for syntax highlighting

masonry - :love_hotel: Cascading grid layout library

cheerio - Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.

MaSha - JS tool for mark and share text parts