Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

InnovaStudio Content Builder (ContentBuilder.js) is a JQuery plugin that converts a <div> element into Editable Area. Unlike other editors, ContentBuilder.js provides you with beautifully designed content blocks, ready to drag & drop. You can even create your own content blocks.

wysiwyg-editor - A beautifuly designed jQuery WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor based on HTML5.

react-quill - A Quill component for React.

quill-local-storage - a local storage module for restoring text to the quilljs editor

slate - A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors.

draft-js - A React framework for building text editors.

A markdown editor.

ace - Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

sensei-grid - Simple and lightweight data grid in JS/HTML

opener - Opens stuff, like webpages and files and executables, cross-platform