Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

react-metrics-graphics - A React Component for MetricsGraphics.js

standard-react - JavaScript Standard Style for React Users

start-app - DEPRECATED. Moved to elm-lang/html

babel-plugin-mjsx - Mithril precompilation JSX plugin for babel

sails-mandrill - Mandrill adapter for sails.js (deprecated! please see machinepack-mandrill)

later - A javascript library for defining recurring schedules and calculating future (or past) occurrences for them. Includes support for using English phrases and Cron schedules. Works in Node and in the browser.

mz - modernize node.js to current ECMAScript standards

i18next-node - [deprecated] can be replaced with v2 of i18next

is - The definitive JavaScript type testing library

gulp-react - [DEPRECATED] Precompile Facebook React JSX templates into JavaScript

sublime-react - Sublime Text helpers for React. Syntax highlighting DEPRECATED in favor of babel/babel-sublime