Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

feathers-hooks-utils - Provides some utilities that are useful when writing feathersjs hooks.

teleapi - The useful library to simplify your work with Telegram Bot API

authorized - Action based authorization middleware.

passport-examples - social auth for node

firebase-streaming-import - public node.js script for streaming large JSON files into a Firebase

firebase-import - Node module for importing large data into Firebase.


hapi-auth-basic - Basic authentication plugin

node-require-directory - Recursively iterates over specified directory, requiring each file, and returning a nested hash structure containing those libraries.

nodejs-web-jade-scaffold - Web application featuring Node.js, Express, Jade, Passport, MongoDB and Bootstrap

react-news - Hacker News clone written in React

basic-auth - blanket basic auth middleware

everyauth - node.js auth package (password, facebook, & more) for Connect and Express apps

kraken-example-with-passport - An example integrating kraken with passport authentication