Anton Kulakov

Full stack Javascript developer

A finite state machine javascript micro framework

An example react application (master-detail feed) with isomorphic rendering, async react-router routes, async redux reducers, async data fetching, and code-splitting.

awesome-functional-programming - Yet another resource for collecting articles, videos etc. regarding functional programming

rill - :left_right_arrow: Universal web application framework.

redux-boot - Modular Redux bootstrap with asynchronous side-effects.

async-q - Port of caolan/async to Q

react-redux-isomorphic-example - An isomorphic example built with react and redux , see readme for detailed instructions

ajv - The fastest JSON schema Validator. Supports v5 proposals - No more hells. Callbacks made easy, with error handlers and more.

mz - modernize node.js to current ECMAScript standards

koa-views - Template rendering middleware for koa

a-tale-of-three-lists - Comparing various async patterns for a single demo

reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework

redux-thunk - Thunk middleware for Redux

marked - A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed.

isomorphic-redux - Isomorphic Redux demo, with routing and async actions

async - Async utilities for node and the browser

koa - Expressive middleware for node.js using generators

director - a tiny and isomorphic URL router for JavaScript